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Commercial Battery Storage



A combined solar/storage project typically realizes an additional 30-50% greater overall cost reduction due to the demand side savings storage can provide. Solar battery storage systems can also be configured to provide emergency backup power for critical loads. Peak shaving storage solutions are also viable without solar and can be charged from the grid during low cost off-peak hours.

Creating the optimum storage solution.

As a business, you have an array of options for storage of energy from the grid or an onsite solar array. At Solar Optimum, We do our due diligence when creating a storage solution for our customers.

Our experts will evaluate and select the optimal solar and storage technologies to provide the best value for your specific needs.

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Solar Optimum Is Changing The Way California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida Homeowners Conserve Energy.

During utility outages, such as an unforeseen brownout, blackout, natural disaster, or time of crisis, energy can be provided instantaneously from the battery storage component to provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity.


Utilities are altering their peak demand times due to overproduction of solar during the day. Several investor-owned utilities have indicated that their peak demand times are shifting to later in the day/evening. What this means to a building owner is that even if you have solar now, the peak hours for the grid will be after the sun has set – making your electrons less effective in saving money as the highest costs will be after dark.

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