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1833 S. Victory Blvd, Glendale, CA 91201

Kyle Smith

General Manager

Kyle Smith, Solar Optimum’s General Manager comes with an impressive 20+ years working in customer service, sales, and operational management, having been in the residential solar photovoltaic, energy storage and roofing industries since 2011. He began his solar and roofing career as a sales consultant and project manager covering various roles including, surveyor, estimator, permit runner and job site supervisor before transitioning to operational management. He was the Division Manager of one of the nation’s largest roofing and solar integrators for nearly 5 years covering the greater LA area.

Kyle’s genuine and positive approach to interacting with associates and clients alike boosts morale and fosters a collaborative effort towards achieving goals. As General Manager he is focused on quality in all areas and is dedicated to Solar Optimum’s mission to provide the highest quality products and services at the best possible value. His passion for renewable energy, efficiency, sustainability, and promoting consumer independence helps to maintain the top-rated customer experience that Solar Optimum is known for.

When asked about leadership, Kyle says that “Leadership must set the tone and be an example to others. Rapport in any organization is not optional and true leadership is earned not given. It is not just through our words, our commitment is proven through our actions and by establishing mutual respect and trust, by being honest, caring, and empathetic with each other. By focusing on these values there are no limits to our ability to succeed together.” He adds that “We must ensure our expertise and qualifications to perform in our field as we do, however, what truly defines us is our integrity and our values.”

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